Thursday, January 08, 2009

The New CSS Rule Blog

Hi, Welcome to my blog, (previously known as I want to start a comprehensive reference to gather my notes on CSS in one place. CSS, HTML, to a lesser extent PHP, Javascript, and some Adobe Photoshop will be the main topics in what I hope will be an unintimidating, easy to understand technical guide for people who want to learn CSS. So whether you are completely new to web programming or wanting to brush up on old skills, please join me in our effort to learn and write better CSS and build great web sites.

For any questions about the blog, best way to contact me is by commenting at the end of a post.

When I am developing web software, I use the Firefox browser by Mozilla which does not have the inconsistencies and problems of IE (Internet Explorer). You can download Firefox here for free.

All images copyrighted by except where noted. Please see this list and individual posts. Image Attributions: "Chocolate Mousse" in a July 27, 2016 post is by New York Times, "Holly Leaf and Berries", © Can Stock Photo Inc. / marinamik. First appeared on November 16, 2014, "Bakery Seal" in the footer, same / yupiramos, "Eclair", "Macarons" and "Cake" in categories menu, same / moonkin, "Milk Carton" and "Cookie Sheet", same / Artisticco, Cakes for "Background" and "Positioning Elements", same / notkoo2008, "Letter M" in categories menu, same / polkan, "Candy Swirl" for Internet and "Donuts" in categories menu, same / neyro2008, All the other icons in categories menu by © Can Stock Photo Inc. / macrovector.


Anonymous said...

Hi, your image captioning tol doesn't seem to work in ie9 if you untick the round corners box - I just tried it on your tools page here ( - the caption drops below the image

CSSRule said...

Thank you for the bug report :)

Vera said...

Thank you for sharing what you know!

CSSRule said...

Hi Vera, Thank you for visiting my blog :)

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